Agile Ecommerce Initiative: Hybris Multichannel Accelerator

Back after long blog fasting 🙂 was busy farming on some books & technologies. One of the ecommerce package tools, which caught my attention while working on some solutions for the customers is Hybris. It announced loud entry into the ecommerce world and the existing leaders are already feeling the heat. Being a multi-channel platform it has also provided the effective user tools to quickly setup the sites. I being a technology illiterate was able to configure and customize the multiple sites just in one day that was too fast, it was possible only due to HMCA(Hybris Multichannel Accelerator).

We have to really appreciate this agile initiative from Hybris that is helping both customers & partners to quickly pilot the POC to see the business process functional. As part of my learning series I am putting together my steps that might help someone who is looking for some guidance…let me know how it worked for you. Generally I’m Linux fan but due to server availability restriction I had to try it on Windows 7 (tried on both 32 & 64 bit versions), below are the steps. I predominantly experimented with B2C full workflow, will dive into B2B too.

1) Sign-up for the id on hybris wiki page(Takes 2-3 days for partner approval from Hybris) []
2) Login with credentials on to []
3) Download file from
(hybris Multichannel Accelerator Suite 4.7.0 – B2C)
4) Extract zip file to any your desired directory ( For example D:\HMCA)
5) CD D:\HMCA\Hybris\bin\platform
6) Windows look for setantenv.bat & run it
a. This will set ant home on your system
(Setting ant home to: D:\HMCA\hybris\bin\platform\apache-ant-1.8.2
Apache Ant(TM) version 1.8.2 compiled on April 21 2011)
7) Run ant clean all, input data to move ahead
[Input] Press [Enter] to use the default value ([develop], production)
8) Press enter for [develop]
9) Time to test our installation 🙂
10) http://localhost:9001/
11) Initialize your setting using the “Initialize” button on the page
Note: Leave setting to default as suggested by system, just to feel good about first installation and configuration [Experiments later ;-)]

Hybris Multichannel Accelerator functionalities

  • B2C,B2B Workflows,Storefronts,Cockpits,Search & Navigation,Promotions Setup Interfaces,Cross Sell,Checkout,Payments Gateway Integrations,Reviews Integrations,Order Management,Fraud Engine, Product & Catalog Management,Reporting, Store Locator Integrations,Social Platform Integrations etc….

    After basic installation & configuration below are the screens for management console & admin console post init phase with electronic & apparel sites.

Things I liked most are….Let me know your good & bad experiences with Hybris.

  • Strong flexible architecture for customizations
  • Support tools for development & management
  • Great Unit & Integration Test support
  • Consistency across channels
  • Simple & Clear documentation
  • Supports both B2B & B2C flows effectively

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