How to leverage pinterest as a social commerce accelerator?

Pinterest is new site that gives registered customers (purely by invite, they are rapidly growing I am watching their strategy when they will make it open or continue it same wayJ) to create and customize pictorial boards. It is quick and easy way to share & use the existing content of your products. Allows you to categorize products and acts as bulletin board marketing tool for your products.


If you can visit and see there are already few million users having private & public boards. Pinterest is providing the retailers to share their products and engage customers on social platform.

Now let us talk some business J for ecommerce sites, What is in Pinterest for a online retailer?

how to leverage it, here are the few ways:

  • Create your own pinterest brand board : Helps you to share the product information with customers. It is catching up viral already on the fashion products. I would say a new way to promote your products J
  • Add “Pin It” button to Product Detail Pages of ecommerce sites: Enables the visiting customer to quickly share the product images with PDP links. With this sharing done by customer whenever someone else in pinterest community clicks on your product images they get redirected to your site pdp hence increase your traffic, promoting your products in turn can result in revenue growth.
  • Announce your pinterest to customers: Use social media options like twitter & facebook. Add “pinit” buttons to your promotional contents.
  • Organize contests, brand buzz events on pinterest : Allows you to engage customers to create a brand buzz online.

Pinterest is already creating waves in the online promotions of products, generating traffic via bulletin board marketing approach, very soon there will be lot ecommerce sites using this on their sites.

This is a new trend developing keep a watch on the best ways to cash it for our customers. Please post your experiences if any on the same lines.


2 thoughts on “How to leverage pinterest as a social commerce accelerator?

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  2. Images tell great stories when used in right way, pinterest can be used for :

    1) Brand management & campaigns
    2) Product Promotions, email capaigns etc
    3) Pining to & Pinin back from Pinterest acts as traffic driver

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