Quick Music Reading Steps

I have started learning music and will be making online notes & sharing the basics, already excited with the feel that music will be all over my place 🙂 hopefully not disturbing my neighbours. It is important to know reading music before getting busy with any instrument 🙂

Music is written on staff(plural staves) which is 5 horizontal parallel lines , these lines create 4 spaces in between them. Below fig will give you the view of representation
Staff Notation

Always counted bottom up as shown in the figure, memorize this by relating it to one your palm count each finger as string and the space between them.

To make the music reading easier staff is divided into sections by vertical lines called bar lines and they are 2 types of bar lines.

  • Single bar line: Single think line from top line of staff to bottom line
  • double bar line: Denotes the end of the section or song, two thick lines

Measure: Space between bar lines is called measure, see fig below
Measure N Bar
Leger lines : Most of the notes are written on the staff but some are higher or lower than the staff can depict . Example below
Leger Lines
There are two types of notes Space & Line notes. The note which fits in between the space on the staff is called space note.

Line note is the one which gets split through the line

Line Notes

Line & Space notes alternate


Pitch is highness & lowness of sound or note


This was the small learning for this weekend, will continue next weekend from here. share if you have good info that will help in learning music. Have good time 🙂


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