Agile implementation helps to fuel innovation & leadership in organizations

Emergence of agile on the software development has started creating more motivated teams who are continuously interacting with customers and delivering high value for business. Agility in an organization should be more than a couple of agile pilots (refer to my blog on silo agile execution ) organization should strive to build an agile enterprise by scaling up the agility of teams to gain maximum benefits at market level. People on the agile teams are more agile, energized & engaged than traditional model teams.

The core practices on these teams will prepare them for challenges of changing business world.

  • Pace matters & prepares the team for accepting the changes as they come : When teams start releasing faster they start learning faster. As the feedback loop closes quickly that definitely gives teams an edge to scale themselves up for new challenges and makes them more proactive to be effective.
  • Continuous Communication : Increased level of close loop communication in the delivery cycle makes them feel more responsible & motives them to assume more responsibility i.e. expectation setting is taken care.
  • Regular feedback & collaboration brooms new innovative culture: Teaches them how to solve problems as a team & builds open culture to ask for the help if required. Group dynamics are important for any organization and agile practicing teams evolve as great teams to solve their own problems and contribute towards organization growth.
  • Excites customers: When customers see the successful deliveries from agile teams that helps in building trust in team & they look for engaging these teams more in future programs to leverage the collaboration benefits.
  • Builds learning culture: With the collaboration & small step by step delivery process team gets used to the feedback culture hence providing the environment for safe learning which in turn helps to build innovative talent pool for future needs
  • Self managing teams who know how to solve their problems will emerge as good leaders who accept their responsibility and drive coaching culture across the organization
  • Most of the agile teams build the leaders who lead by example encouraging teams to follow
  • Biggest challenge for all leaders is bringing/driving change in the organizations having agile teams can good as those teams appreciate change & knows their responsibilities to act in such environments.

I know there is lot to this subject of agile leadership & transformation. Please share your experiences, comments or learnings.


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