Agile India 2012 Conference @ Bangalore : My Experiences

Attending the Agile India 2012 conference was a great experience where I could interact with industry leaders & agile evangelists. It was a 3 day (17th-19th Feb2012) gathering at Le Meridian, Bangalore with participation of 800 agile enthusiasts from all over the world. Conf chair did great job in planning the program decks which had talks to suit everyone; they were categorized into Introductory, Practicing & Expert. Subject focus of the conference was Agile & Lean practices in the software development industry. Apart from the high level categorization program chair has also tagged the sessions to help audience plan their participation accordingly. Conference also accepted its social responsibility towards society by working for a cause. There was a presentation shared by “Freeset” who are working in Kolkata for women by training them to be self organized, in fact all bags distributed in the conference were made by these women.

High Level Session Categories

Leadership and Organizational Transformation Agile Product Management
Invited Talk Enterprise Agile
Agile and Outsourcing Lightning Talks
Agile Development Practices Keynote
Culture, People and Teams Develops
Lean Principles and Practices Lean Startups
Research Cafe Coaching and Mentoring

Audience Mix for Agile India 2012 Conference

Product, Project & Program Managers CTO’s & Executive Leaders
Developers Scrum Masters, Product Owners
Agile Practitioners Agile Master Coaches
Book Authors Architects, DBA, UI Experts
Agile Tool companies( Rally, Thoughtworks etc) Agile Consulting Companies
Researchers  Agile Trainers

In case you want to follow the topics covered in the conference please refer to the program schedule @  Conference topics & speaker details

My insights or learnings from the conference are:

  • On the whole industry is moving towards agile adoption at a fast pace to deliver benefits to clients
  • Distributed agile execution continues to be a big challenge for industry
  • Lean is the way to go to scale-up or take the agile implementation to next level
  • Simplification & creativity in agile  implementation is the key to the success of agile in organization(s)
  • High focus required for improving engineering practices
  • Scrum continues to be the popular agile methodology with high acceptance across the world
  • New tools are evolving in the market to support agile teams
  • India continues to the global software services delivery hub and needs to scale up to the distributed agile delivery challenges
  • Enterprise Agile transformation is most sorted thing by organizations across the world, lot of focus arround key value added roles like Black belts, coaches, Scrum masters, agile developers, product owners & trainers
  • Learning & Self managing teams to have high success rates
  • Systems Thinking perspective is important for organization leaders to have high success rate with agile implementations
  • Industry is polarized on the way India (as a culture) scaling up for agile
  • Lot of talent dearth for agile implementations thus resulting in lot of curry style implementations
  • India has lot of ground to cover on the product development, its service focus is hampering startups growth
  • Agile Portfolio Management requires special focus from organizations leaders, Culture & Collaboration are key for any model success
  • Lot of research happening around improving the work delivery models with the special focus of getting maximum collaboration despite having globally scatterred teams
  • Kanban helps teams to gain greater focus into the way they are delivering the projects & how to maximize the value by reducing waste in the cycles
  • Agile is journey not destination to build learning organizations with continuous improvement focus
  • Gamification of Agile is the new way to bring the maximum out of agile teams
  • Agile & Governance had little in common but things are changing fast, organization are building governance models
  • Agile & Lean are fueling innovation
  • Enterprise architects & agile teams need bridges 🙂 to meet each other, this will be critical for any enterprise success in future

Looking forward for next agile conference at Grapevine, Texas, August 13 – 17, 2012 till then let us implement lean, agile & learn from the experiences 🙂


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