Creating Agile Teams

Building an agile software development team is one of the greatest challenges for IT companies across the world. Some have seen better results and some have tasted bad experiences. It is important for the industry to achieve the consistency on this front to keep the pace at which technology is growing and also for facing market competition.

Build agile is not about hiring few technically good team members, placing some process in place and expecting everything works as desired. Many of this trails have seen dark side of agile mismanagement in the industry.

Creating agile teams is all about team dynamics & values development for sustaining the success and most importantly retain it for consistently repeating it. Let us try and understand if we can carry back common things to do for creating agile teams.

Irrespective of development methodologies if we can build some basic traits in the people we can always build great teams. A successful agile software development team is mix of skilled developers , with established team values, has good communication, and is always looking to improve. While having every one of these components isn’t absolutely critical for success, having all of them will make the road to success much shorter. To make organizations agile vision true one has to establish couple of things at org level to reap better benefits:

1) Establish core principles (eg: culture you want to build which internal yields to lot of things like learning, collaboration, openness etc)

* Learning

* Collaboration

* Building Mutual Trust

* Self Managing

2) Continuous & consistent Communication model

3) Zeal for improvement

* Technology

* Process

Drawing the org level agile team building road map requires the leadership to make the core principles as DNA of the company. Conduct the fore field analysis to understand the dynamics of the change and introduce the structural changes. Build a dash board to track the program with criteria metrics mapped for success. There are special leadership models/styles to be put in place, what are those & how to do that has to wait of some other post 🙂

Share your comments, thoughts, experiences & challenges with creating agile teams.


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