Enterprise Agility should not be based on illusion created by bunch of pilots…

Every enterprise these days wants to be the most innovatively agile in the execution of their projects. There are more and more pilots running in the companies to study their abilities to execute the projects agile way. Market is astounding on the euphoria created by the success of the pilot projects demonstrated as an example to adapt the agility at enterprise. All these strategy planning is based on the illusion that we are best a 100 m race would be champions in marathon as well. Let us contemplate why are pilots ultra successful & on the same lines enterprise agility expansion a big failures. Below questions are good food for innovative thinking for the new age enterprise leaders in organizations.

Why pilots are successful?

·         It is organized/staged event to prove point

·         Best of the people are put together a great show

·         Agile looked as best cost driving factor for company

·         Collaboration which is the key for success is more evident in team

Why agility fails at enterprise level?

·         Problems we are trying to fix is more complex than the pilot

·         Driving the change in team is different from enterprise-wide change

·         Team problems are different than enterprise problems

·         Deviation in implementation of strategy & tactics for success

·         One point agenda of being cost hungry

Are we sounding that there are no ways to achieve the enterprise agility, no we do have ray of hope i.e. evaluate the enterprise needs to plan the agility. The core things enterprises needs to do is how to drive and bring change in an organization may be most of the enterprises needs to what Toyota did with its TPS (Toyota Production System) & GE did with its Six Sigma focus to leverage their internalization of process customized for their success in external world.

How to achieve this for every enterprise might vary as each enterprise is unique in its own existence, scaling agile to enterprise has its roots in its own strengths to learn & grow. How to innovate on those lines is probably a good discussion for other post till then keep innovating for enterprise success.

Please share your views & experiences, if you want to discuss do reach me directly.


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