Is todays IT a new legacy for future enterprises?

IT rEvolution has always raised the hope of better world for future generations and to some extent it has been a great force to change the life in this world. But there are some misconceptions in todays world that we are using the technologies in best possible ways to keep evolving or progressing towards technology growth. Let us see this from watch glass, IT is the culmination of both “Information” &”Technology”. World has been always interested in information because thats what sells in the market 🙂 and technology has always been a modest facilitator undergoing abuse of wrong application. Let us see the phases we have seen evolving till now in IT world:

  • First Technology rEvolution ( Computers of huge sizes during this software evolution was slow)
  • Second Technology rEvolution ( Size control of computers during this software evolution has picked momentum)
  • Third Technology rEvolution (Hardware & Software have started competing with each other for growth)
  • Now we are in third rEvolution which only believes in using the “information” and we hog on it by creating a huge mesh of applications around the world also connecting them on the internet. Today’s business only believes in putting up new infrastructure increase database, application, web. mail servers..etc just in hurry to manage the information & win the market race. I am no person against “information” but since the rEvolution of IT we have been only struggling to manage data and information for our needs, internet has only added fuel to the fire to spread the madness or hunger for “information”. We are at a stage where we don’t know how to control, maintain these systems & applications as the cost of owing these systems/applications is going high day-by-day. Big enterprises have grown leaps n bounds in past decades and are still growing at a rapid pace expecting the huge growth potentials in near future but off late they have started facing the music of high cost maintenance of systems and applications, also they are worried about the rapid progress of technology. There are few questions which bother current n future enterprises:

  • Where is the ray of hope?
  • Which technology will bring standardization?
  • How to win cost race ?
  • Where is the future ?
  • Which solution will work?
  • Who will help?
  • These questions are the pointers that we are still creating legacy , legacy …legacy systems/applications for future generations, It is time to innovate & apply the technology in right ways to meet the challenges of dynamic business needs of the changing economies.

    These are the couple of questions & there are many hidden that will surface if we don’t seek right answers to above questions. We need answers to shape the future of IT…Letz discuss the way out of this mess 🙂 and hope IT continues to add value to everyones life…as it has always been doing.


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